Vendor Highlight: The Dyson Tangle-Free Turbine

Posted On: 04-16-2014


If you’ve got a hairy situation at home with your pets, Dyson, one of the most trusted names in the vacuum industry, has a pet-friendly solution to all of that shedding from your furry companions. With twice the suction of any other vacuum and a performance that cleans better across all carpets and hardwood floors, the Dyson DC65 is engineered to clean your entire home hassle and headache free. Find out more about Dyson at their exhibitor booth this year at the OC Fair and Event Center, April 25to 27 for one of the biggest highlights in the pet industry each year, America’s Family Pet Expo.


N254_Acc_images_main_HEROEmploying cutting edge technology that includes counter-rotating heads with brushes that suck-up hair and dirt without tangling instead of the typical single brush bar that overtime gets wrapped up and locked from use due to tangles, the Dyson DC65 is an excellent option for any household with pets. The two interior heads are made from flexible thermoplastic polyurethane with integrated brushes on each side that split the airflow between the mouth of the vacuum and the turbine and safely store hair, dirt, and dander away for easy disposal. The Dyson Tangle-Free Turbine can also be combined with most Dyson vacuums, including their ever-popular DC65 model.


With a streamlined design and maneuverable head, Dyson seeks to make vacuuming an easy task for any member of the family. This means that when it comes to pitching in for pet care at the house, it’s easy to assign vacuuming as part of your pet care routine.
For more information on Dyson products, please visit:


or check out their booth at America’s Family Pet Expo, the world’s largest pet and pet product expo for all you need to know about owning a happier, healthier pet:

Vendor Highlight: Chammyz!

Posted On: 04-14-2014

With a name that everyone recognizes, Chammyz is an all-natural fiber apparel company that specializes in products for active people and recently they extended their offerings to include Chammyz for pets.

Utilizing their patented ultimate technology that absorbs and evaporates moisture, dries quickly, is lightweight, blocks UVA/UVB rays to protect from the sun, and is breathable, Chammyz delivers performance and style. For your pooch, this means the following best-selling products are now available:

pet productsThe first is a Doggy Spaw Towel. This towel is 9.5 times more absorbent than cotton and 100% green made from all natural bark. For the dog on the go, at the beach, or after a bath, Chammyz Doggy Spaw Towel is an easy care product that allows you to clean pup’s paws with one wipe.

The second versatile product is a Surf & Spaw Robe. As an eco-friendly, super-absorbent dog robe, drying your dog after a wash or swim will most likely become your pup’s next favorite treat.

Check out all of Chammyz products, for your family and furry ones alike at or visit their booth at America’s Family Pet Expo April 25-27, 2014 at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa, California!

Vendor Highlight: DanJo Windows

Posted On: 04-10-2014


pet-doorDanJo is a window and door company that provides the highest quality windows in a variety of customizable styles and sizes for your home. With energy efficient designs, DanJo helps your home stay beautiful while conserving energy.

For your family pet, Danjo specializes in creating and installing smart solutions so your pup can have easy access to the yard whenever you’re away. With five sizes of pet doors, from small to medium, large to extra and super large, DanJo Windows and Doors takes the hassle out of installing a patio pet door yourself.

pet-door-2These pet doors are made out of impact-resistant super-strong thermo-plastic (ABS) to handle the rough and tumble comings and goings of any energetic pup. With clear flaps, the design also allows pets to see if the slide stopper is in place to prevent any neck injuries.

For peace of mind, a floating bottom threshold guarantees a perfect seal every time so there’s no fretting about neighborhood cats or raccoons finding their way into your kitchen (eek!). Plus all flaps are help in place by magnets to reduce escaping air and preventing escaping heat or cool air from your home.

Danjo Window and Doors provides excellent solutions for entrances and exits for your pup into the outside world.

For more information and to browse an online gallery, visit:, or visit their booth at America’s Family Pet Expo April 25-27 at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa, CA!